Making a Bow Tie out of an Old Tie Tutorial

My daughter came home with a tie form the thrift store that cost $2. She thought her brother would like it for his birthday.

Hmm... I wondered why she thought her brother would like a threadbare, very wide tie from the 70s with an odd color combination of dark brown and old pick-up truck blue. Then she pointed out the hieroglyphics:

My son is an archaeologoist and yes would love the hieroglyphics but I doubted he'd be thrilled with the colors. So I opened up the tie and discovered the inside looked waaaaaay better!

You could still see the hieroglyphics. I much preferred this color combo and my daughter concurred. As to the tie's threadbare state we decided to make a bow tie out of it!

The first step is to trace a bow tie pattern (you can find free downloadable bow tie patterns online). Now you need to eke out 4 of these.  There will be a front and back for the two pieces, plus you need to cut one out of interfacing for each piece.

Now this is a pic of a different tie I was making but I wanted to show you how I ironed the interfacing onto each piece. Next you simply put right sides together and sew it up all the way around, leaving an opening to turn it right side out.

And here you have it - two pieces. You're almost done. A handy dandy little secret is to sew velcro on the ends to that when your man ties it for the first time he can just leave it tied and open or close it with the velcro in the back.

                                     Wah Lah! The finished product. Happy Birthday Ben!