Sew Different's Asymmetric Aline Dress

I've really enjoyed Laura Casey's blog: She creates her own patterns that she offers free that you download and print out at home. I decided to try her Asymmetric Aline Dress:

Here is my review:
This was my first time doing a pattern that is downloaded and printed out. It's printed on your regular 8.5 x11 letter size paper. While the papers are well marked as to how to attach them it was very time consuming. It took me 2 hours to line them up on the floor and match them up correctly and then tape them all up so that I could cut up the pieces and get them on my fabric. Laura does offer paper patterns but of course that would cost something as well as time as she's mailing from the UK.

 Her patterns come in one size only - her size which she says is a 12 in UK measurement. She offers a sizing table and tells you how to adjust the pattern to fit. My measurements are 35x29x37 and so I thought that was pretty close to the UK size 12 so I didn't make any adjustments.

The other trick I had to overcome was the fact that her pattern does not include seam allowance. To insure that I kept my seams on track I traced the pattern on the fabric with pencil and then cut away from the marks for seam allowance.

What I love about this dress is that I could use 2 contrasting fabrics (I could have used 3!) to really customize it. It's designed with panels in the front and a pocket. I used 2 fabrics that I bought while vacationing in FL. Here is the finished product:

The pattern didn't indicate whether I should lay the back on the fold or cut 2 pieces so I decided to cut 2 pieces and add a zipper.

Sadly, it was waaaaaaay to small for me. I gave it to my daughter who is a size 4.