My Entry for the 2016 Refashioner's Challenge

Here is my big reveal...

A patchwork, raggedy-quilt-style, jean jacket made from five pairs of jeans. This is how I did it:

This first pair is an old beat-up pair that belonged to my husband. It was too marked up with paint drips and stains but I knew I could use the back side.

These two pairs I purchased at a thrift store for a whopping $5. I purposely chose light weight denim and differing shades.

The remaining 2 pairs were my daughters stretch jeans that no longer fit her and were in pretty good condition (not pictured). Next, I cut up the jeans in strips of varying widths, choosing to mix it up. I did use pattern paper to make a template so I could stay at least somewhat consistent with straight lines and 90 degree angles.

I placed the pieces together, overlapping them in a pattern that pleased my eye for color, texture, and yet a sort-of randomness. And then I stitched them together with a zigzag. Note that I did not put the strips right sides together to form seams because I didn't want a lot of bulky seams on the underside. I just stitched right on top of the overlap. Eventually the rough edges peeking out from the zigzag would frey but that was exactly the look I was wanting.

I chose See and Sew's jacket pattern # B5235.

Then I simply laid the pieces on my pieced fabric and cut them out. I wasn't worried that I was cutting across my zigzagging because the seams would help keep everything in place. I kept the bulk in the back to a minimum by cutting away extraneous fabric. And just to make sure nothing shifted, I ironed on the thinnest interfacing I could find.

Next I sewed the pieces together according to the pattern's directions, adding the lining with reclaimed fabric from my stash. And of course, the fun part is picking out suitable vintage buttons from my button box! Hurray for buttons!

And now you can see my finished product. Soooo fun!