Steampunk Jewelry Tutorial

Have you heard of steampunk jewelry? It's a combination of Victorian and sci fi futuristic. It mixes lace, metals, clocks, and mechanical parts and odds and ends. It's very fun to play around with the stuff and artistically put it together into something that looks elegant yet everyday classy.

Start with collecting odds and ends - lace, buttons, springs, watches, gears, keys, washers, anything you can find that intrigues you.

My old keys were rusty so I used a product called Ospho which oxidizes rust and puts a protective coat on them so they no longer rust. It turned the keys black.

I let them dry overnight.

Then the fun begins. To attach pieces I used E6000 glue, as well as wire.

This is a spring that was a perfect backdrop for attaching a couple of cool buttons. Here are a few of my results:

Then I tried my hand at placing pieces more broadly, to make more chunky statement necklaces:

Enjoy! Let me know if you tried to make some too!