Friday, October 2, 2015

Number One Task for Parents With Kids Over 12

The last blog was about the number one task for parents with kids under 12 and that was to teach them to obey. But by the time they are 12 they should no longer require punishment for bad behavior... because in theory they are obeying you! However, they still need discipline, communication skills, love, a listening ear, quality and quantity time, and encouragement.

James Dobson, in his book Dare to Discipline wisely said, "Children learn by reward, adults learn by information, but teens learn by relationship." How true! Teens who have a strong bond with their family will face life with security and stability. And how do you develop a strong bond? By spending lots of time together! And certainly that means limiting outside activities and crazy scheduling and instead choosing family time. The biggest recommendation I have is to ALWAYS have dinner together. Guard that time as much as possible. This is where conversation happens, dreams are expressed, ideas are brainstormed, plans are made, problems are discussed, etc. Another idea is to take your teens out individually where they are free to communicate with you openly.  These are precious years.... once they hit high school it's a slippery slope out the door! Enjoy every day! And laugh your way through the teen years. Teenagers are soooooo funny!

So the number one task for parents with kids over 12 .... is to relate!

And now for a refashion....

This was actually a long, loosely fitted maxi-dress from the nineties (came down to my shins). So I cut the bottom to make a high-low top and added lace. It looks nice with leggings.

If you're curious about the necklace I'm wearing then check out this close-up shot.

Yes, that's a real fish. When I was in Florida back in March, it washed up on shore among a bunch of shells. So I took it, dried it out with salt (yes, it was already dead) and then placed inside a shell with liquid resin. I added a fake pearl from an old necklace and the resin dried to a clear solid. Then I drilled a hole at the top and added a chain. When I wear this to school all my kids love to see the fish!