Friday, November 13, 2015


Did your mom ever have proverbs or sayings that she would say in a sort of sing-song voice to get a repeated point across? My mom did. I still remember them. In fact I would say them to my own kids.

Everything has place.

Fork on the left, knife on the right.

Never talk back to your elders.

God loves you more than I do, which is a WHOLE WHOLE lot!

Mable, Mable, strong and able, get your elbows off the table!

Remember your please and thank you!

You know. Ditties stick in your head. Repeat them. Repeat them often. Your kids will remember their manners, and will remember how to behave because your voice sticks in their heads. And then they'll teach their children to do the same.

What are the ditties your mother told you?

And now for a refashion... or shall I say a refashion in progress.

I have saved some favorite T-shirts to make a quilt (I won't say for whom since that person might read this blog and have a surprise spoiled.)

Using a cardboard template I cut out 2 squares from each T-shirt.

 Arranging the squares as I go helps me to visualize the end product. I just don't have enough squares to make the quilt as big as I'd like so I will purchase some fabric (perhaps a flannel material) to add around these T-shirt squares as well as to be the backing.

The next step is to stabilize the T-shirt squares with iron-on interfacing.

To be continued...