Thursday, February 25, 2016

On Doing Vacations Well

What are some of your happiest memories from your childhood? Chances are they include vacations. Vacations are times when families stop their usual routines and go somewhere to spend quality time with each other. Vacations can come in so many different packages - about as varied as the people enjoying them! But sometimes vacations are times of conflict too. How do we do vacations well?

My husband and I have completely different goals for our vacations. Steve likes (and needs) to rest. He needs to get out of town but after that just give him a pool chair, a good book, and a chance to nap and he's a happy camper. Me... well, I am a do-er, an explorer, a go-getter. I hit a new place and I want to find out its history, go to its museums, discover the outdoors by hiking or biking. As you might guess, we've had a few arguments along the way, I'm ashamed to say.

After many years, we finally figured out how to do vacations well - so that both of us are getting what we need and want out of a vacation. I've learned to enjoy doing nothing ... it feels pretty good to just stop, rest, close my eyes, or read a book, paint, or simply talk and dream about the future. And after Steve has had a couple days of doing the turtle thing (you know... climb into his shell to recharge his batteries), he's ready to engage. He also enjoys the museums, the hiking and biking and exploring. I just need to be patient as well as to be willing to do things like shopping or swimming by myself. The kids were great company when they were growing up but they can't always go with us anymore.

The important thing is to take a vacation!! Stay within your budget and means but I highly recommend getting away once or twice a year to refresh your family, your marriage, your well-being.

And now for a refashion...

I like to collect shell pieces at the beach and turn them into necklaces or earrings. Here is one that I did:

I combined 3 shells here, and attached a crab trinket. First I carefully drilled holes through the shells with a dremel tool, and then hooked the jump rings so I could easily get a chain through. I also treated the shells by polishing them with wax.