Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Kool-Aid Mom

Most of you probably don't remember the Kool-Aid commercial from the 60s (do they even advertise Kool-Aid anymore?) but the most popular mom in the neighborhood was the one who had the Kool-Aid in an ice-filled pitcher on a hot summer day, ready to serve all the kids who all flocked to her house. Her children were so proud to have such a wonderful mom. 

When our older two children were little (in the early 90s) we lived in a small town in Kansas - population 300 (had a school, a post office, a bank, a library, and six churches). It was the kind of town that was reminiscent of neighborhoods from the 60s. It was a pretty safe place and families let their children roam. Now I was a protective sort so I did not want my children roaming. But one day a neighbor boy came to our house and asked to play with Ben (this boy was about 5 but Ben was only 3 years old). I said sure, they could play in the sandbox out back. I was doing housework inside, but I could hear them right outside the window. After a little while, I realized I wasn't hearing anything. When I checked on them the two boys had disappeared. Naturally I panicked. I ran to see if they went to the neighbor boy's house. His mother was inside painting and said she hadn't seen them. I was a bit shocked that she wasn't panicky like me. She just said, "Oh I'm sure they're somewhere in the neighborhood." I ran outside and looked in other people's backyards, calling Ben's name. Finally I heard Mrs. Ewy, the kindergarten teacher, calling my name from the grade school across the street. She had her class out for recess and discovered Ben and the neighbor boy playing on the playground. She stayed with him until I came for him. I was soooo grateful. That's when I decided to be a Kool-Aid mom.

You see, the Kool-Aid mom doesn't worry where her kids are because they love to stay home. Their friends come to them and want to hang out with them. The Kool-Aid mom's home is a happenin' place! Kick ball games, bike ramps, rope swings, sprinklers, and of course ice-cold pitchers of something tasty (not the nasty colored sugar water, but you get the idea) make happy kids and happy neighbors. Now, my twenty-something kids still think of our home as a happenin place - we're talking slip-n-slides with grad students, and big Easter dinners with 14 people around the table! I love it.

And something else I love... refashioning.
Here's one for you...

This is a Laura Ashley dress from the 80s. I've had it all this time and wore it many times. But it's time for an update!

First I took off 10 inches from the bottom, cut off the sleeves, and took in an inch or so from each side seam.

In case it's not obvious, the dress is inside out to make it easier to fit to my life-sized dressform.

I took in the sides just behind the original side seams so as to keep the pockets intact.  And here's the finished product...