Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Between the Lines and Regailing

Katie from Katherine's Corner put the call out to bloggers over age 50 to participate in her Between the Lines series. I accepted the invitation because I'm... well 54. I'm relatively new to the blogging world, having just started nine months ago. My daughters learned to blog way before I did but I figured you're never too old to learn something new! Quite honestly it has helped the Empty Nest Syndrome which has hit me pretty hard.

I have four amazing children and I homeschooled them all the way through. So for twenty five years I had the time of my life learning with my kids, traveling, going to museums, putting on plays, doing lab experiments and science fairs, dissecting cow's eyeballs, you name it!  And then one by one they each spread their wings and flew off like I knew they would, just like I trained them, but wow... it sure is quiet around here.

 I realized that I did a pretty good job (can't take all the credit as it was God's grace in my life and lots of wisdom, love, and help from my beloved hubby). I have a strong passion to pass on some of that experience to young parents.... so why not try my hand at blogging? To fill up the empty hours in my days I returned to the classroom and began to teach seventh and eighth graders Math and English. Our small private school decided to spend this year focusing on the habitat and wildlife in our backyard which happens to be an amazing wetland. I thought it would be a terrific motivating study to have my students regularly blog about their observations of the wetland. But yikes! I'd have to get serious about learning to blog first! And so regailing was born.

My hobby is sewing and creating things out of old stuff. So I thought I'd regale about that too. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, particularly ones about refashioning and sewing. I enjoy trying out their new techniques. I've enjoyed viewing the blogs Katie features in her Thursday Favorite Things Blog Party.

Here are a couple of my refashions. I just take old clothes from my closet and turn them into something more updated!

Here's another Before and After for you. I started with a man's shirt from the thrift store and made a short jacket that's just right for a day that's on the cool side.

I also like to regale about my my jewelry.

Here is a necklace I made using keys, buttons, and mechanical doo dads - they call it steampunk. Fun! I hope you enjoy my blog.  Be sure to stop by and see the other 9 featured bloggers over 50! Blessings!