Friday, September 2, 2016

Ten Cheap Dates With Your Spouse

You date. You court. You get married. You date some more. Then you have kids.
You're too exhausted to go out, and too poor to pay a babysitter let alone dinner and a movie.
Your spouse needs your undivided attention. You know how critical time together is - time to talk, time to enjoy each other, time to dream.
Here are some ideas to get you going. None of these cost much, but all of them give your marriage the opportunity to become richer as a couple and more united as parents.

1.  A hospital cafeteria has cheap but delicious food. May be an unconventional date spot but you can't beat the price.
2.  When the kids go down to bed, one of you go pick up dessert-to-go at a nearby restaurant and bring it home to eat together.
3. Popcorn, hot-chocolate, and a late-night movie from Netflix.
4. An ongoing Monopoly game. Start it in the evening when the kids are in bed and play until bedtime. Put it up and out of sight until the next available evening to continue. The loser makes cake.
5. A walk, or hike in the woods.

6. After dinner tea. Send the kids into the next room to play quietly after dinner while you and hubby sip tea for 30 minutes to talk about the day.
7. Build a fire outside and roast marshmallows. Bring out the instruments and sing together.
8. Lay down a blanket in the backyard with all the lights turned off. Lay down together and look up. Can you find and name the constellations?
9. Go to a museum, or your town's First Friday art trail.
10. Borrow a couple kayaks and paddle down a local stream.

Send me more suggestions!

And now for a refashioning...

Here is a T-shirt refashioned into a fun stylish shirt:

 First, I cut slits on both sides of the neckline. I used a ruler to measure how far down the slits would go so they would be even on both sides.

Next, I cut out every other strip and then gathered the slits together, securing them with vintage baby buttons from my collection so give it a criss-cross effect.

Here's the whole pic:

Enjoy. Blessings!